Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions but remember you can contact us online through our contact form or by calling 0844 4148 470, we will be happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

All you need is a modern PC or MAC with the following:

    Windows (Vista, 7 or 8) or Apple OS, with relevant updates and service packs installed.
    Headset with working microphone.
    Broadband internet connection, we recommend hardwired, not wifi.
    A web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all supported but we strongly recommend Firefox or Chrome).
    Up to date installations of Flash and Java.
    Cookies and javascript must be enabled.

We also use WebEx Training Centre as part of our teaching. The above requirements cover this, but you can click here to see in-depth requirements. We recommend you follow this link if you are an Apple Macintosh user.

We recommend that during lessons you do not have the computer doing anything else, especially downloading. We suggest turning off automatic updates and virus scans scheduled for the same time as lessons, as all of these can interfere with the lessons. We also recommend you always update your Java and Flash installations and keep your Operating System up to date with patches, etc.

Please note that if you are going to use EVOLVE on a network (i.e. a school), behind a firewall or over a proxy server you may need your IT department to open the relevant ports and make the relevant exceptions for audio, video, application sharing and java access.

All of our UK based teachers are fully qualified to teach and have classroom teaching experience. We ensure all teachers have Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) and are PGCE qualified with an accompanying Bachelor Degree. They are also all DBS checked as standard.

We carefully monitor each teacher to ensure that students are receiving the highest quality teaching. New teachers are observed and evaluated. In addition, students are asked to feedback at regular intervals throughout the course in regards to the quality of the teaching they are receiving.

All EVOLVE teachers must have previous experience in teaching the national curriculum.

Yes, we are a UK based company and all our teachers live in the UK to ensure they’re familiar with the national curriculum and meet the national standard qualification requirements for teaching. All teachers are available for termly school visits.

Any student you feel would benefit from studying one of our courses. We are currently working on offering one to one or small group private tuition but this is a “work in progress”. Currently our services are to schools and colleges only.

Yes! All our online lessons are held in real time with a live teacher that the students can hear and speak to.

Our lessons run from 8am – 5pm Monday to Thursday throughout the academic year and subject to there not being a timetable booking clash you are free to determine when your lessons will take place. Lessons take place at the same time and same day each week.

Our goal is to help you expand and enhance your curriculum and as such we are always looking to expand on the subjects and levels we offer. We currently offer Law at Key Stage 4 and A Level. There are OfQual changes being brought into effect in 2017 which may impact upon the courses we offer.

Before we set up the first lesson, we will require the school to brief us on the student’s academic progress. We will then monitor the students throughout the course and address any issues or learning needs that may arise.

Yes! Lessons are planned and tailored to individual student needs and requirements. Lessons are differentiated and offer challenge, support and plenty of opportunity for progression.

That depends on which type of course is booked. Extra-Curricular (Non-Examination) courses require one lesson per week, GCSE courses require two lessons per week, AS three lessons per week and A2 four lessons per week. These lessons take place at the same time each week.

Again this depends of the nature of the course booked. Extra-Curricular homework is rare and can be given or not depending on the requirements of the school or college. However, GCSE and A Level courses are full course examination courses which will require homework in the same way as any in-school subject would.

Our prices are per academic year and vary according to the level of the course you are booking and the number of students you want to enrol. Extra-Curricular courses are £5,000 for up to 5 students and then an additional £350 per student up to a maximum of twelve students per class. GCSE courses cost £6,000 for up to 5 students and then £400 for each additional student, up to a maximum of twelve students per class. AS courses cost £12,000 for up to 5 students and then £600 for each additional student, up to a maximum of twelve students per class. Finally, A2 courses cost £14,500 for up to 5 students and then £700 for each additional student, up to a maximum of twelve students per class.

We offer full course teaching of a number of subjects at different levels.
Lessons are live and interactive and led by a fully qualified experienced teacher.
Lessons are planned to include challenge and differentiation.
When homework and assignments are set, they are marked and feedback is given.
Ongoing positive feedback and targets are given and set during lessons.
Post lesson reports detailing attendance, participation and performance.
Termly face-to-face meetings in school/college with students and staff are scheduled throughout the year.
Teachers attend choices/options events at the school/college (if the teacher’s timetable permits).

If you have one student enrolled on a course then yes it is. We think that students should not be discouraged or blocked from taking particular subjects simply because other students don’t want to take them. We welcome one-to-one bookings. However we usually cater for small group cohorts. This is important because having small numbers allows for a personalised learning experience and each and every student in the class can feel as though they made a positive contribution. In fact we strongly encourage collaborative learning and have our own forum function to allow students from other schools to share ideas.

The same things that happens in a classroom, only virtually rather than physically. Pupils are given time to log in and complete a starter or introductory activity. The lesson will address specific learning objectives and outcomes will be measured using a variety of tasks to engage the students in the learning process. The teacher and students can communicate in real-time and any issues or needs that may arise are addressed. At the end of the lesson progress is assessed against the learning outcomes.

A wider pool of teachers to choose from across the UK.
The convenience of being tutored from home or at school.
Building a student’s confidence using technology as a new way to learn.

Yes, we can definitely help! We believe that confidence and learning are closely linked. Everything we say and do is very positive and builds self-esteem.

Teachers work with students in real time, guiding students through new skills or reviewing skills the students may have forgotten. As students work on lessons to demonstrate understanding, and eventually mastery, of these skills, teachers will monitor their progress. Teachers produce a report after each lesson providing information on the students’ performance and progress. These reports are sent to the school/college link tutor and regular updates are made to the school/college.

Teachers take full responsibility for their classes. As we know student attendance is vital to their learning and teachers take pride in their attendance. However, there are times when a teacher’s absence is unforeseen and unavoidable. If this is a short term absence then cover work will be provided to the link tutor at the school/college at the earliest opportunity. If an absence is more long term an alternative teacher will take over teaching the class.

You can cancel a session by emailing the teacher giving at least 24 hours notice, but unfortunately we can’t refund or reschedule lessons.

This is something that EVOLVE takes very seriously. All our teachers are thoroughly reviewed with enhanced external criminal record checks, verification of ID status, references, qualifications and experience. All interaction between students and teachers is monitored and recorded for safeguarding purposes.


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