We believe that every student should have access to all educational opportunities. We do this by working in partnership with you to expand and enhance your curriculum by offering “new” full course examination and extra-curricular subjects to your GCSE and A Level students. Our innovative online learning platform provides a gateway to challenging, differentiated and stimulating lessons. With EVOLVE Distance Learning students need no longer be limited to the subject choices currently offered by their school or college.

Our work is a reflection of our three guiding principles:

All educational opportunities should be available to all students and should prepare them for real life experiences.

Students shouldn’t just learn about the subject they should learn from it also. Learning should be enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.

If we want students to develop then teaching needs to develop, as outstanding learning requires outstanding teaching.


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Current Courses

Law Distance Courses

KS4 Extra-Curricular Law

This course offers a great introduction to the subject of Law and provides a foundation that can be built upon should a student wish to continue to A Level Law. With plenty of opportunity for development of communication, presentation, interpersonal, social and collaboration skills, this is an ideal subject for anyone who has an interest in the law, its formation and development, and how it operates within society. This is also ideal as an extension of your provisions for gifted and talented students.

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BTEC Law Courses

BTEC Applied Law

BTEC Applied Law is an engaging programme of study where students gain a knowledge and understanding of key aspects within the English Legal System and then develop the practical skills required to apply legal principals to a variety of real life contemporary scenarios whilst completing this assignment based course. This course would suit students with an interest in the subject who are more confident with an assignment based course rather than one assessed by external examinations.

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GCSE A Level Law

A Level Law

This academic subject can offer an insight into degree level Law. But those taking the subject are far from limited as to degree choice options as the skills learned in this course are transferable to many subjects and life experiences.

The pedagogy adopted by EVOLVE instils a sense of ownership and maturity to the students learning experience. The course also prepares students for university by developing self-motivation, communication and research skills.

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